Earn Cash Rewards

Finally, a bill that gives back.

How It Works

Your landlord rolls out the Cash Rewards Program

You Sign Up for rewards

Make money every month you pay rent on time

Keep saving or use it when you need it


Have questions about our Cash Rewards?

No, it is free to sign up and use the loyalty program platform.

No, we do not require a minimum balance and there are no fees to set up or use the savings program.

No, it does not accrue interest like a standard savings account, and Till does not earn interest on your savings either.

You can withdraw it at any time.

Complete the online request form or mail a copy of the request form to the address listed. We process ACH payments every business day and mailed checks are sent out once per week.

We do not request banking information unless you are withdrawing funds and select the ACH/eCheck option.

You do not need a bank account to participate in the savings program. We can mail you a check when you want to withdraw funds from your savings account.

No, the money is yours and remains in the account indefinitely until you request a withdrawal.

Yes, you still pay rent to your Landlord or Property manager.

Sign up for cash rewards.

Earn money from paying your rent on time and use that money when you need it.